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§ 1628.5 - Fund balance deficits.

(a) Sound financial management practices such as those set out in Chapter 3 of the Corporation's Accounting Guide for LSC Recipients should preclude deficit spending. Use of current year LSC grant funds to liquidate deficit balances in the LSC fund from a preceding period requires the prior written approval of the Corporation.

(b) Within 30 days of the submission of the recipient's annual audit, the recipient may apply to the Corporation for approval of the expenses associated with the liquidation of the deficit balance in the LSC fund.

(c) In the absence of approval by the Corporation, expenditures of current year LSC grant funds to liquidate a deficit from a prior year shall be identified as questioned costs under 45 CFR part 1630.

(d) The recipient's request must specify the same information relative to the deficit LSC fund balance as that set forth in § 1628.4(a)(1) and (2). Additionally, the recipient must develop and submit a plan approved by its governing body describing the measures which will be implemented to prevent a recurrence of a deficit balance in the LSC fund. The Corporation reserves the right to require changes in the submitted plan.

(e) The decision of the Corporation regarding acceptance of these deficit-related costs shall be guided by the statutory mandate requiring the recipient to provide high quality legal services performed in an effective and economical manner. Special consideration will be given for emergencies, unusual occurrences, or other special circumstances giving rise to a deficit balance.