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§ 1634.5 - Identification of qualified applicants for grants and contracts.

(a) The following persons, groups and entities are qualified applicants who may submit a notice of intent to compete and an application to participate in the competitive bidding process:

(1) Current recipients;

(2) Other non-profit organizations that have as a purpose the furnishing of legal assistance to eligible clients;

(3) Private attorneys, groups of attorneys or law firms (except that no private law firm that expends 50 percent or more of its resources and time litigating issues in the broad interests of a majority of the public may be awarded a grant or contract under the LSC Act);

(4) State or local governments;

(5) Substate regional planning and coordination agencies which are composed of substate areas and whose governing boards are controlled by locally elected officials.

(b) All persons, groups and entities listed in paragraph (a) of this section must have a governing or policy body consistent with the requirements of part 1607 of this chapter or other law that sets out requirements for recipients' governing bodies, unless such governing body requirements are inconsistent with applicable law.

(c) Applications may be submitted jointly by more than one qualified applicant so long as the application delineates the respective roles and responsibilities of each qualified applicant.