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§ 1634.9 - Selection criteria.

(a) The criteria to be used to select among qualified applicants shall include the following:

(1) Whether the applicant has a full understanding of the basic legal needs of the eligible clients in the area to be served;

(2) The quality, feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the applicant's legal services delivery and delivery approach in relation to the Corporation's Performance Criteria and the American Bar Association's Standards for Providers of Civil Legal Services to the Poor, as evidenced by, among other things, the applicant's experience with the delivery of the type of legal assistance contemplated under the proposal;

(3) Whether the applicant's governing or policy body meets or will meet all applicable requirements of the LSC Act, regulations, guidelines, instructions and any other requirements of law in accordance with a time schedule set out by the Corporation;

(4) The applicant's capacity to comply with all other applicable provisions of the LSC Act, rules, regulations, guidelines and instructions, as well as with ethical requirements and any other requirements imposed by law. Evidence of the applicant's capacity to comply with this criterion may include, among other things, the applicant's compliance experience with the Corporation or other funding sources or regulatory agencies, including but not limited to Federal or State agencies, bar associations or foundations, courts, IOLTA programs, and private foundations;

(5) The reputations of the applicant's principals and key staff;

(6) The applicant's knowledge of the various components of the legal services delivery system in the State and its willingness to coordinate with the various components as appropriate to assure the availability of a full range of legal assistance, including:

(i) its capacity to cooperate with State and local bar associations, private attorneys and pro bono programs to increase the involvement of private attorneys in the delivery of legal assistance and the availability of pro bono legal services to eligible clients; and

(ii) its knowledge of and willingness to cooperate with other legal services providers, community groups, public interest organizations and human services providers in the service area;

(7) The applicant's capacity to develop and increase non-Corporation resources;

(8) The applicant's capacity to ensure continuity in client services and representation of eligible clients with pending matters; and

(9) The applicant does not have known or potential conflicts of interest, institutional or otherwise, with the client community and demonstrates a capacity to protect against such conflicts.

(b) In selecting recipients of awards for grants or contracts under this part, the Corporation shall not grant any preference to current or previous recipients of funds from the Corporation.