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§ 1635.2 - Definitions.

As used in this part—

(a) Case means a form of program service in which a recipient employee provides legal assistance to one or more specific clients, including but not limited to providing representation in litigation, administrative proceedings, and negotiations, and such actions as advice, providing brief services, and transactional assistance.

(b)(1) Case oversight means a supervisor's review of a case for regulatory compliance, consistency with Case Service Report reporting rules, and quality control purposes. Case oversight activities include, but are not limited to, review of file for retainer, citizenship attestation or documentation of eligible non-citizen status, and documentation of financial eligibility determination; review of closing codes; and review of advice provided or pleadings filed.

(2) Case oversight activities may be counted as case activity when the supervisor conducts extended review of the substantive legal advice provided in the case. Case oversight activities may be reported as a supporting activity when it represents the aggregate of a supervisor's time spent doing brief review of a large number of cases.

(c) Matter means an action that contributes to the overall delivery of program services but does not involve direct legal advice to or legal representation of one or more specific clients. Examples of matters include both direct services, such as community education presentations, operating pro se clinics, providing information about the availability of legal assistance, and developing written materials explaining legal rights and responsibilities; and indirect services, such as training, continuing legal education, supervision of program services, preparing and disseminating desk manuals, PAI recruitment, referral, intake when no case is undertaken, and tracking substantive law developments.

(d) Restricted activities means those activities that recipients may not engage in pursuant to 45 CFR part 1610.

(e) Supporting activity means any action that is not a case or matter.