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§ 1636.2 - Requirements.

(a) When a recipient files a complaint in a court of law or otherwise initiates or participates in litigation against a defendant, or before a recipient engages in pre-complaint settlement negotiations with a prospective defendant on behalf of a client who has authorized it to file suit in the event that the settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, it shall:

(1) Identify each plaintiff it represents by name in any complaint it files, or in a separate notice provided to the defendant against whom the complaint is filed where disclosure in the complaint would be contrary to law or court rules or practice, and identify each plaintiff it represents to prospective defendants in pre-litigation settlement negotiations, unless a court of competent jurisdiction has entered an order protecting the client from such disclosure based on a finding, after notice and an opportunity for a hearing on the matter, of probable, serious harm to the plaintiff if the disclosure is not prevented; and

(2) Prepare a dated written statement signed by each plaintiff it represents, enumerating the particular facts supporting the complaint, insofar as they are known to the plaintiff when the statement is signed.

(b) The statement of facts must be written in English and, if necessary, in a language other than English that the plaintiff understands.

(c) In the event of an emergency, where the recipient reasonably believes that delay is likely to cause harm to a significant safety, property or liberty interest of the client, the recipient may proceed with the litigation or negotiation without a signed statement of facts, provided that the statement is prepared and signed as soon as possible thereafter.