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§ 1644.3 - Applicability.

(a) The case disclosure requirements of this part apply:

(1) To actions filed on behalf of plaintiffs or petitioners who are clients of a recipient;

(2) Only to the original filing of a case, except for appeals filed in appellate courts by a recipient if the recipient was not the attorney of record in the case below and the recipient's client is the appellant;

(3) To a request filed on behalf of a client of the recipient in a court of competent jurisdiction for judicial review of an administrative action; and

(4) To cases filed pursuant to subgrants under 45 CFR part 1627 for the direct representation of eligible clients, except for subgrants for private attorney involvement activities under part 1614 of this chapter.

(b) This part does not apply to any cases filed by private attorneys as part of a recipient's private attorney involvement activities pursuant to part 1614 of this chapter.