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§ 12.627 - Requirements to qualify for an STCW endorsement for security awareness.

(a) An applicant for an endorsement for security awareness must -

(1) Present satisfactory documentary evidence, such as a certificate or letter signed by a company official, or a certificate of completion from a Coast Guard-accepted or Coast Guard-approved course, of meeting the requirements in 33 CFR 104.225;

(2) Meet the physical examination requirements in 46 CFR, part 10, subpart C; and

(3) Meet the safety and suitability requirements and the National Driver Registry review requirements in § 10.209(e) of this subchapter, unless the applicant has met these requirements within the previous 5 years in connection with another endorsement.

(b) Until March 24, 2014, seafarers will be able to apply for an endorsement in security awareness by -

(1) Having performed approved seagoing service for a period of at least 6 months in total during the preceding 3 years;

(2) Having performed security functions considered to be equivalent to the seagoing service required in paragraph (b)(1) of this section; or

(3) Successfully completing Coast Guard-accepted or Coast Guard-approved training.