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§ 2.01-10 - Inspection requirements - domestic vessels.

(a) If during the inspection of a vessel made at the request of the master, owner, or agent, the vessel or her equipment is found not to conform to the requirements of law or regulations in this chapter, the requirements which must be met will be listed on Form CG-835, Notice of Merchant Marine Inspection Requirements, and given to the master of the vessel.

(b) The Coast Guard, on its own initiative, may examine or inspect or reinspect at any time any vessel subject to inspection under subtitle II, title 46 of the U.S. Code, title 46 and title 33 U.S. Code. If during such examination, inspection, or reinspection, any failure to comply with any applicable requirement of law and/or applicable regulations in this chapter, or any defects or imperfections become apparent tending to render the navigation of the vessel unsafe, or that repairs have become necessary, the Coast Guard will so notify the master and state what is required.

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