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§ 2.20-40 - Chief engineer's reports.

(a) Repairs to boilers and pressure vessels. The chief engineer is required to report any repairs to boilers or unfired pressure vessels in accordance with §§ 33.25-5, 78.33-1, and 97.30-1 of this chapter.

(b) The chief engineer of any vessel is required to report any accident to a boiler, unfired pressure vessel, or machinery tending to render the further use of the item unsafe until repairs are made by §§ 35.25-5, 78.33-5, and 97.30-5 of this chapter.

(c) When fusible plugs in boilers are renewed at a time other than the inspection for certification and there is no marine inspector in attendance at the renewal, the chief engineer must report the renewal of the fusible plugs by letter to the OCMI who issued the certificate of inspection. This letter report must contain the following information:

(1) Name and official number of vessel.

(2) Date of renewal of fusible plugs.

(3) Number and location of fusible plugs renewed in each boiler.

(4) Manufacturer and heat number of each plug.

(5) Reason for renewal.

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