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§ 2.75-15 - Requirements and tests.

(a) Approved items described in certificates of approval are usually required to meet specific requirements and/or tests, prior to obtaining the approval. Additional factory tests to determine that proper uniformity and quality controls are followed during the manufacture of the specific items may be required. These requirements governing the manufacturer in particular are set forth in the regulations in this chapter or in specifications, copies of which may be obtained from the Commandant (CG-ENG). If the requirements are met, a certificate of approval will be issued.

(b) When the specific item described in an application, together with accompanying drawings, plans, etc., does not meet applicable requirements or fails to meet specified tests, the applicant will be notified accordingly. The Coast Guard may suggest changes in order for the item to qualify and permit the issuance of an approval.

(c) For items not covered by specification requirements in parts 160 to 164, inclusive (subchapter Q - Specifications) of this chapter, the requirements in the navigation and vessel inspection laws, and applicable regulations in this chapter or in 33 CFR chapter I apply and shall be met before approvals may be issued.

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