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§ 31.10-15 - Inspection for certification - TB/ALL.

(a) After receiving an application for inspection, the OCMI will inspect a tank vessel in his or her jurisdiction once every 5 years. The OCMI will ensure that every tank vessel is of a structure suitable for the carriage of flammable and/or combustible liquids in bulk and for the proper grade or grades of cargo the vessel carries while in service. If the OCMI deems it necessary, he or she may direct the vessel to be put in motion, and may adopt any other suitable means to test the tank vessel and its equipment.

(b) The inspection for certification shall include an inspection of the structure, boilers, and other pressure vessels, machinery and equipment. The inspection shall be such as to insure that the vessel, as regards the structure, boilers, and other pressure vessels and their appurtenances, piping, main and auxiliary machinery, electrical installations, life-saving appliances, fire-detecting and extinguishing equipment, pilot boarding equipment, and other equipment is in satisfactory condition and fit for the service for which it is intended, and that it complies with the applicable regulations for such vessels, and determine that the vessel is in possession of a valid certificate issued by the Federal Communications Commission, if required. The lights, means of making sound signals, and distress signals carried by the vessel shall also be subject to the above-mentioned inspection for the purpose of ensuring that they comply with the requirements of the applicable statutes and regulations.

(c) If the vessel passes the inspection for certification, the OCMI will issue a new Certificate of Inspection.

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