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§ 38.15-15 - Electrical installations - TB/ALL.

(a) All electrical installations shall comply with the requirements contained in this subchapter and in subchapter J (Electrical Engineering) of this chapter for tank vessels, except as otherwise specified in this part.

(b) Spaces containing cargo pumps, compressors, and piping are considered as equivalent to a tank vessel pumproom, and no electrical devices, except Coast Guard approved intrinsically safe devices, shall be installed in these spaces. Electric motors shall be segregated from these spaces by a gastight bulkhead. Electric lighting of the explosion-proof type may be installed in these spaces provided all switching is done from outside the space.

(c) All cargo tanks, piping, valves, etc., shall be effectively grounded to the vessel's hull. Tanks with an insulated inner shell (primary barrier) shall have an effective grounding bond to the outer shell (secondary barrier) or to the vessel's hull.

(d) Electric submerged motor cargo pumps may be used, when in compliance with the following requirements and subject to approval by the Commandant.

(1) Design details of the submerged motor pump, with an evaluation of the cooling efficiency of the product being pumped, shall be submitted.

(2) Provisions shall be made to exclude air from the tanks containing cargo in either vapor or liquid phase. The pump motor shall be deenergized when this condition is not satisfied.

(3) A liquid level sensing device shall automatically shut down the motor and sound an alarm at a predetermined low liquid level. The alarm location may be the station from which cargo handling is controlled or such other location outside the cargo area as is acceptable to the Commandant.

(4) Details of the power cable, tank penetrations and pump connections shall be submitted.

(5) An auxiliary means of emptying the cargo tanks shall be provided in accordance with § 38.10-10(d).

(6) Means for positively disconnecting the power supply between the switchboard and the pump power panel shall be provided, i.e., disconnect links, lockable breakers, etc.

(7) All materials used in the fabrication of the submerged motor cargo pumps shall be suitable for use with the liquid cargo at the design pressures and temperatures.