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§ 38.15-5 - Cargo hose - TB/ALL.

(a) When the liquid and vapor line hoses used for loading and discharging the cargo are carried on board the vessel, they shall be of flexible metal and fabricated of seamless steel pipe and flexible joints of steel or bronze, or of other suitable material resistant to the action of the cargo. Hose used in refrigerated systems shall be suitable for the minimum temperature to which it may be subjected and shall be acceptable to the Commandant.

(b) Hose subject to tank pressure, or the discharge pressure of pumps or vapor compressors, shall be designed for a bursting pressure of not less than five times the maximum safety relief valve setting of the tank, pump, or compressor.

(c) Before being placed in service each new cargo hose, with all necessary fittings attached, shall be hydrostatically tested by its manufacturer to a pressure not less than twice its maximum working pressure nor more than two-fifth its bursting pressure. The hose shall be marked with its maximum working pressure, and if used in refrigerated service, its minimum temperature.