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§ 22.13 - Loan terms and conditions.

(a) Amount. The maximum face amount for an individual STLP loan may not exceed seven hundred and fifty thousand ($750,000) dollars, unless the requested increased amount is authorized by the OSDBU Director.

(b) Interest Rates. All STLP loans shall have a variable interest rate.

(1) Initial Interest Rate. The base rate guideline for STLP loans is the prime rate in effect on the first business day of the month in which the STLP loan guarantee is approved by DOT OSDBU. The prime rate is the rate printed in a national financial newspaper published each business day. The Participating Lender may increase the base rate by the maximum allowable percentage points currently allowed by STLP policies and procedures and as communicated in subsequent DOT OSDBU notices.

(2) Frequency of Change. The first change may occur on the first calendar day of the month following the initial loan disbursement, using the above base rate in effect on the first business day of the month. Subsequent interest rate changes may occur no more than monthly.

(c) Loan Structure and Term. A STLP loan shall be set up as a revolving line of credit. The line permits the borrower to request principal advances, pay them back, and then re-borrow, not to exceed the face value of the line of credit. Participating Lenders are required to provide DOT OSDBU written notification of the activation date of each line of credit under the STLP. The term of the Federal guarantee of the line of credit commences on the activation date.

(d) Repayment. Interest payments must be made monthly. The principal of the loan is repaid as payment from approved accounts receivable are received by the Participating Lender through a joint payee check system. The assigned contract supporting the STLP loan is the primary source of repayment.

(e) Use of Loan Proceeds. STLP loans must be used to finance short-term working capital needs, specifically direct costs generated by the assigned contract. Proceeds may not be used for the following purposes:

(1) For long term working capital;

(2) To repay delinquent State or Federal withholding taxes, local taxes, sales taxes or similar funds that should be held in trust or escrow; and/or

(3) To provide funds for the distribution or payment to the owners, partners or shareholders of the business; and/or

(4) To retire short or long-term debt.

(f) Non-compliance by the DBE in using the STLP loan for purposes not consistent with these regulations will result in a non-renewal of the STLP loan and in forfeiture of the STLP loan guarantee to the PL on any ineligible principal advances requested by the borrower and made by the PL.

(g) Disbursements. STLP funds may only be released to an eligible borrower upon the submission and verification of a valid written accounts receivable invoice, showing labor and/or materials amounts due for completed work on the contract. The Participating Lender must verify the accuracy of the invoice with the paying transportation government agency, if the borrower is a prime contractor, and/or with the prime contractor, if the borrower is a subcontractor. This verification must be obtained by the Participating Lender prior to advancing funds. No more than 85% of an approved accounts receivable invoice shall be advanced to the borrower by the Participating Lender.

(1) Processing time. Disbursement of STLP funds to the borrower should be accomplished within three (3) business days of an accounts receivable invoice approval by the paying agency and/or prime contractor.

(2) Electronic funds transfer. If the disbursement of STLP funds is being sent to the borrower through a local Participating Lender, the disbursement should be made by electronic funds transfer with the preferred method of payment being the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

(3) Wire transfers. Wire transfers can be used if the ACH system is not available or if a same day disbursement is required.

(4) Joint payee check system. A two-party payee check system is required in which the Participating Lender and the borrower will be the co-payees of any checks paid to the borrower for performance under the assigned contract. Alternative payment methods must have prior written approval by DOT OSDBU.

(h) Personal Guarantees. Individuals who own at least a 20% ownership interest in the borrower shall personally guarantee the STLP loan. DOT OSDBU, in its discretion and in consulting with the Participating Lender, may require other appropriate guarantees for the loan as well.

(i) Collateral. All advances under the STLP loan must be secured, at a minimum, by the assignment of the proceeds due under the transportation-related contract(s) being funded with loan proceeds (the Assigned Contract). The Participating Lender must have first lien position on the Accounts Receivable generated by the Assigned Contract. The Participating Lender and/or DOT OSDBU may request additional collateral on any loan request or loan guarantee request in order to mitigate the credit risk and reduce potential defaults and loan losses.

(j) Key Person Life Insurance. The assignment of existing life insurance policies of personal guarantors or other individuals critical to the borrower's operations may be required by the Participating Lender and/or DOT OSDBU in certain instances; and it is encouraged for those business applicants that do not have a management succession plan clearly in place or where a personal guarantee provides nominal financial strength to the credit.