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§ 22.23 - Agreements.

(a) DOT OSDBU may enter into a cooperative agreement with a lender that meets the criteria defined in § 22.21 in order for the lender to become a Participating Lender in the STLP. Such an agreement does not obligate DOT OSDBU to participate in any specific proposed loan that a lender may submit. The existence of a cooperative agreement does not limit the rights of DOT OSDBU to deny a specific loan or establish general policies. The current cooperative agreement is available at

(b) The cooperative agreement is generally for a minimum period of twenty-four (24) months. DOT OSDBU will consider the cooperative agreement for renewal at the end of the designated term. If a cooperative agreement has expired, no further applications for the STLP shall be submitted to DOT OSDBU by the Participating Lender until a new cooperative agreement is executed by both parties.

(c) Unless instructed otherwise by DOT OSDBU, after the expiration of the cooperative agreement, the Participating Lender will complete the documentation of any loans which have been given final DOT OSDBU approval prior to expiration of the cooperative agreement.

(d) Following the expiration of the cooperative agreement, the Participating Lender may, subject to the written concurrence of DOT OSDBU, sell its STLP loans to another bank or to another Participating Lender that assumes the original rights and responsibilities to fund, service and collect the loan or loans.