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§ 22.67 - Delinquent loans and loan defaults.

(a) The Participating Lender must bring to the immediate attention of the Director any delinquent STLP loans. The Participating Lender and DOT OSDBU are jointly responsible for establishing collection procedures and must exercise due diligence with respect to collection of delinquent debt. The Participating Lender is responsible for initiating actions to recover such debt. DOT OSDBU must approve any compromise of a claim, resolution of a dispute, suspension or termination of collection action, or referral for litigation. A work-out solution will only be considered if it is expected to minimize the cost to the federal government in resolving repayment delinquencies and/or loan default. They must only be used when the borrower is likely to be able to repay the loan under the terms of the work-out, and if the cost of establishing the work-out plan is less than the costs of loan default and/or foreclosure.

(b) In an appropriate situation, DOT OSDBU may authorize the Participating Lender to undertake legal action deemed necessary to collect delinquent loans and DOT will reimburse the Participating Lender on a pro rata basis in proportion to the loan guarantee percentage for the associated fees and costs, with prior authorization from the Director. Penalties and late fees are not eligible for reimbursement. Any legal action undertaken by the Participating Lender without OSDBU authorization will not be eligible for a pro rata basis reimbursement of the associated fees and costs. Net recoveries applicable to accrued interest must be applied on a pro rata basis in proportion to the formula used during the term of the loan.