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§ 26.86 - What rules govern recipients' denials of initial requests for certification?

(a) When you deny a request by a firm, which is not currently certified with you, to be certified as a DBE, you must provide the firm a written explanation of the reasons for the denial, specifically referencing the evidence in the record that supports each reason for the denial. All documents and other information on which the denial is based must be made available to the applicant, on request.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) When a firm is denied certification, you must establish a time period of no more than twelve months that must elapse before the firm may reapply to the recipient for certification. You may provide, in your DBE program, subject to approval by the concerned operating administration, a shorter waiting period for reapplication. The time period for reapplication begins to run on the date the explanation required by paragraph (a) of this section is received by the firm. An applicant's appeal of your decision to the Department pursuant to § 26.89 does not extend this period.

(d) When you make an administratively final denial of certification concerning a firm, the firm may appeal the denial to the Department under § 26.89.

[64 FR 5126, Feb. 2, 1999. Redesignated and amended at 68 FR 35555, June 16, 2003; 79 FR 59598, Oct. 2, 2014]