U.S. Code of Federal Regulations

Regulations most recently checked for updates: May 19, 2019

§ 192.717 - Transmission lines: Permanent field repair of leaks.

Each permanent field repair of a leak on a transmission line must be made by -

(a) Removing the leak by cutting out and replacing a cylindrical piece of pipe; or

(b) Repairing the leak by one of the following methods:

(1) Install a full encirclement welded split sleeve of appropriate design, unless the transmission line is joined by mechanical couplings and operates at less than 40 percent of SMYS.

(2) If the leak is due to a corrosion pit, install a properly designed bolt-on-leak clamp.

(3) If the leak is due to a corrosion pit and on pipe of not more than 40,000 psi (267 Mpa) SMYS, fillet weld over the pitted area a steel plate patch with rounded corners, of the same or greater thickness than the pipe, and not more than one-half of the diameter of the pipe in size.

(4) If the leak is on a submerged offshore pipeline or submerged pipeline in inland navigable waters, mechanically apply a full encirclement split sleeve of appropriate design.

(5) Apply a method that reliable engineering tests and analyses show can permanently restore the serviceability of the pipe.

[Amdt. 192-88, 64 FR 69665, Dec. 14, 1999]