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§ 599.402 - Requirements and limitations for salvage auctions that are consigned trade-in vehicles under the CARS program.

(a) The salvage auction must:

(1) Within 3 days after the date the dealer consigns the vehicle or prior to auctioning the vehicle, whichever is earlier, report the status of the vehicle to NMVTIS;

(2) Limit participation in the auction to disposal facilities that, when the auction is held:

(i) Appear on the list identified in § 599.201(a)(2) or are described in § 599.201(a)(3); and

(ii) Agree to make the certifications in the Salvage Auction Certification Form (Appendix F to this part).

(3) As a condition of transferring title to the disposal facility, obtain from that facility the signed Disposal Facility Certification Form (Appendix E to this part), insert on the top of the form the appropriate CARS invoice number received from the dealer, if known, and provide the form to NHTSA at [email protected], and include that invoice number in the e-mail subject line.

(b) [Reserved]