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§ 300.6 - Access to establishments and other places of business.

(a) General. Upon presentation of credentials -

(1) Persons subject to provisions of the FMIA or the PPIA must afford representatives of the Secretary access to establishments that slaughter or otherwise prepare livestock products or process poultry products and to other places of business subject to regulation thereunder; and

(2) Persons subject to provisions of the EPIA must afford representatives of the Secretary access as specified in part 590 of this chapter.

(b) Meat and poultry establishments and related industries. (1) At all times, by day or night, whether the establishment is being operated or not, inspection program employees must have access to the premises and to every part of an establishment that slaughters livestock or otherwise prepares meat products or slaughters poultry or otherwise processes poultry products that are subject to inspection for the purpose of conducting an inspection or performing any other inspection program duty. The numbered official badge of an inspection program employee is sufficient identification to entitle him or her to admittance to all parts of such an establishment and its premises.

(2) At all ordinary business hours, upon presentation of credentials by a representative of the Secretary, any person (including any firm or corporation or other business unit) subject to recordkeeping requirements under section 202 of the FMIA or section 11(b) of the PPIA must permit such representative to enter his or her place of business to examine the facilities and inventory and to examine and copy the records specified in § 320.1 and § 381.175, respectively, of this chapter and, upon payment of the fair market value therefor, take reasonable samples of the inventory.

[63 FR 72354, Dec. 31, 1998, as amended at 69 FR 254, Jan. 5, 2004]