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§ 314.11 - Handling of certain condemned products for purposes other than human food.

Condemned carcasses of animals affected with one or more of the following conditions may be shipped from an official establishment only for purposes other than human food and only if permission therefor is obtained from the circuit supervisor: Anasarca, Ocular Squamous Cell Carcinoma (after removal of neoplastic tissue), emaciation, eosinophilic myositis, immaturity, nonseptic bruises and injuries, and sarcosporidiosis. This provision also applies to unborn calves and to products such as paunches and udders when they have not been handled as required under this subchapter for products for human food purposes; provided, such articles have not been condemned for other pathological reasons. Such permission will be granted only if all parts to be so used will be promptly handled, freely slashed and adequately identified as required by § 325.13(a)(2) of this subchapter. The slashing, identification and packing of the product shall be accomplished in an inedible product area under the supervision of an inspector. Facilities must be adequate so that the carcasses or parts saved under these provisions are not contaminated with pus, manure, septic, or toxic materials, or similar substances. The operation must not result in unsanitary conditions within the establishment.

[35 FR 15575, Oct. 3, 1970, as amended at 36 FR 11639, June 17, 1971; 36 FR 11903, June 23, 1971]