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§ 317.7 - Products for foreign commerce; printing labels in foreign language permissible; other deviations.

Labels to be affixed to packages of products for foreign commerce may be printed in a foreign language and may show the statement of the quantity of contents in accordance with the usage of the country to which exported and other deviations from the form of labeling required under this part may be approved for such product by the Administrator in specific cases: Provided,

(a) That the proposed labeling accords to the specifications of the foreign purchaser,

(b) That it is not in conflict with the laws of the country to which the product is intended for export, and

(c) That the outside container is labeled to show that it is intended for export; but if such product is sold or offered for sale in domestic commerce, all the requirements of this subchapter apply. The inspection legend and the establishment number shall in all cases appear in English but in addition, may appear literally translated in a foreign language.