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§ 392.4 - Supporting documentation.

(a) Information referred to or relied on in support of a petition should be included in full and should not be incorporated by reference. A copy of any article or other source cited in a petition should be submitted with the petition.

(b) Sources of information that are appropriate to use in support of a petition include, but are not limited to:

(1) professional journal articles,

(2) research reports,

(3) official government statistics,

(4) official government reports,

(5) industry data, and

(6) scientific textbooks.

(c) If an original research report is used to support a petition, the information should be presented in a form that would be acceptable for publication in a peer reviewed scientific or technical journal.

(d) If quantitative data are used to support a petition, the presentation of the data should include a complete statistical analysis using conventional statistical methods.