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§ 665.
Allotments from pay for child and spousal support owed by members of uniformed services on active duty
Mandatory allotment; notice upon failure to make; amount of allotment; adjustment or discontinuance; consultation
(1) In any case in which child support payments or child and spousal support payments are owed by a member of one of the uniformed services (as defined in section 101(3) of title 37) on active duty, such member shall be required to make allotments from his pay and allowances (under chapter 13 of title 37) as payment of such support, when he has failed to make periodic payments under a support order that meets the criteria specified in section 1673(b)(1)(A) of title 15
(2) Notwithstanding the preceding provisions of this subsection, no action shall be taken to require an allotment from the pay and allowances of any member of one of the uniformed services under such provisions (A) until such member has had a consultation with a judge advocate of the service involved (as defined in section 801(13) of title 10), or with a judge advocate (as defined in section 801(11) 2
2 See References in Text note below.
of such title) in the case of the Coast Guard, or with a legal officer designated by the Secretary concerned (as defined in section 101(5) of title 37) in any other case, in person, to discuss the legal and other factors involved with respect to the member’s support obligation and his failure to make payments thereon, or (B) until 30 days have elapsed after the notice described in the second sentence of paragraph (1) is given to the affected member in any case where it has not been possible, despite continuing good faith efforts, to arrange such a consultation.
“Authorized person” defined
For purposes of this section the term “authorized person” with respect to any member of the uniformed services means—
(1) any agent or attorney of a State having in effect a plan approved under this part who has the duty or authority under such plan to seek to recover any amounts owed by such member as child or child and spousal support (including, when authorized under the State plan, any official of a political subdivision); and
(2) the court which has authority to issue an order against such member for the support and maintenance of a child, or any agent of such court.

The Secretary of Defense, in the case of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, and the Secretary concerned (as defined in section 101(5) of title 37) in the case of each of the other uniformed services, shall each issue regulations applicable to allotments to be made under this section, designating the officials to whom notice of failure to make support payments, or notice to discontinue or adjust an allotment, should be given, prescribing the form and content of the notice and specifying any other rules necessary for such Secretary to implement this section.

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