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§ 5.142 - Neutral spirits or alcohol.

(a) The class neutral spirits. “Neutral spirits” or “alcohol” are distilled spirits distilled from any suitable material at or above 95 percent alcohol by volume (190° proof), and, if bottled, bottled at not less than 40 percent alcohol by volume (80° proof). Neutral spirits other than the type “grain spirits” may be designated as “neutral spirits” or “alcohol” on a label. Neutral spirits (other than the type “grain spirits”) may not be aged in wood barrels at any time.

(b) Types. The following chart lists the types of neutral spirits and the rules that apply to the type designation.

Type designation Standards (1) VodkaNeutral spirits which may be treated with up to two grams per liter of sugar and up to one gram per liter of citric acid. Products to be labeled as vodka may not be aged or stored in wood barrels at any time except when stored in paraffin-lined wood barrels and labeled as bottled in bond pursuant to § 5.88. Vodka treated and filtered with not less than one ounce of activated carbon or activated charcoal per 100 wine gallons of spirits may be labeled as “charcoal filtered.” Addition of any other flavoring or blending materials changes the classification to flavored vodka or to a distilled spirits specialty product, as appropriate. Vodka must be designated on the label as “neutral spirits,” “alcohol,” or “vodka”. (2) Grain spiritsNeutral spirits distilled from a fermented mash of grain and stored in oak barrels. “Grain spirits” must be designated as such on the label. Grain spirits may not be designated as “neutral spirits” or “alcohol” on the label.