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§ 5.151 - Flavored spirits.

(a) The class flavored spirits. “Flavored spirits” are distilled spirits that are spirits conforming to one of the standards of identity set forth in §§ 5.142 through 5.148 to which have been added nonbeverage natural flavors, wine, or nonalcoholic natural flavoring materials, with or without the addition of sugar, and bottled at not less than 30 percent alcohol by volume (60° proof). The flavored spirits must be specifically designated by the single base spirit and one or more of the most predominant flavors (for example, “Pineapple Flavored Tequila” or “Cherry Vanilla Flavored Bourbon Whisky”). The base spirit must conform to the standard of identity for that spirit before the flavoring is added. Base spirits that are a distinctive product of a particular place must be manufactured in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country as designated in the base spirit's standard of identity. If the finished product contains more than 2.5 percent by volume of wine, the kinds and percentages by volume of wine must be stated as a part of the designation (whether the wine is added directly to the product or whether it is first mixed into an intermediate product), except that a flavored brandy may contain an additional 12.5 percent by volume of wine, without label disclosure, if the additional wine is derived from the particular fruit corresponding to the labeled flavor of the product.

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