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§ 141.534 - How does my system use this data to calculate an inactivation ratio?

Use the tables in § 141.74(b)(3)(v) to determine the appropriate CT99.9 value. Calculate the total inactivation ratio as follows, and multiply the value by 3.0 to determine log inactivation of Giardia lamblia:

If your system * * * Your system must determine * * *
(a) Uses only one point of disinfectant application(1) One inactivation ratio (CTcalc/CT99.9) before or at the first customer during peak hourly flow
(2) Successive CTcalc/CT99.9 values, representing sequential inactivation ratios, between the point of disinfectant application and a point before or at the first customer during peak hourly flow. Under this alternative, your system must calculate the total inactivation ratio by determining (CTcalc/CT99.9) for each sequence and then adding the (CTcalc/CT99.9) values together to determine (ΣCTcalc/CT99.9).
(b) Uses more than one point of disinfectant application before the first customerThe (CTcalc/CT99.9) value of each disinfection segment immediately prior to the next point of disinfectant application, or for the final segment, before or at the first customer, during peak hourly flow using the procedure specified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section.
[67 FR 1839, Jan. 14, 2002, as amended at 69 FR 38856, June 29, 2004]