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§ 60.276 - Recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

(a) Operation at a furnace static pressure that exceeds the value established under § 60.274(g) and either operation of control system fan motor amperes at values exceeding ±15 percent of the value established under § 60.274(c) or operation at flow rates lower than those established under § 60.274(c) may be considered by the Administrator to be unacceptable operation and maintenance of the affected facility. Operation at such values shall be reported to the Administrator semiannually.

(b) When the owner or operator of an EAF is required to demonstrate compliance with the standard under § 60.275 (b)(2) or a combination of (b)(1) and (b)(2), the owner or operator shall obtain approval from the Administrator of the procedure(s) that will be used to determine compliance. Notification of the procedure(s) to be used must be postmarked at least 30 days prior to the performance test.

(c) For the purpose of this subpart, the owner or operator shall conduct the demonstration of compliance with § 60.272(a) of this subpart and furnish the Administrator a written report of the results of the test. This report shall include the following information:

(1) Facility name and address;

(2) Plant representative;

(3) Make and model of process, control device, and continuous monitoring equipment;

(4) Flow diagram of process and emission capture equipment including other equipment or process(es) ducted to the same control device;

(5) Rated (design) capacity of process equipment;

(6) Those data required under § 60.274(i) of this subpart;

(i) List of charge and tap weights and materials;

(ii) Heat times and process log;

(iii) Control device operation log; and

(iv) Continuous opacity monitor or Method 9 data.

(7) Test dates and test times;

(8) Test company;

(9) Test company representative;

(10) Test observers from outside agency;

(11) Description of test methodology used, including any deviation from standard reference methods

(12) Schematic of sampling location;

(13) Number of sampling points;

(14) Description of sampling equipment;

(15) Listing of sampling equipment calibrations and procedures;

(16) Field and laboratory data sheets;

(17) Description of sample recovery procedures;

(18) Sampling equipment leak check results;

(19) Description of quality assurance procedures;

(20) Description of analytical procedures;

(21) Notation of sample blank corrections; and

(22) Sample emission calculations.

(d) The owner or operator shall maintain records of all shop opacity observations made in accordance with § 60.273(d). All shop opacity observations in excess of the emission limit specified in § 60.272(a)(3) of this subpart shall indicate a period of excess emission, and shall be reported to the Administrator semi-annually, according to § 60.7(c).

(e) The owner or operator shall maintain the following records for each bag leak detection system required under § 60.273(e):

(1) Records of the bag leak detection system output;

(2) Records of bag leak detection system adjustments, including the date and time of the adjustment, the initial bag leak detection system settings, and the final bag leak detection system settings; and

(3) An identification of the date and time of all bag leak detection system alarms, the time that procedures to determine the cause of the alarm were initiated, if procedures were initiated within 1 hour of the alarm, the cause of the alarm, an explanation of the actions taken, the date and time the cause of the alarm was alleviated, and if the alarm was alleviated within 3 hours of the alarm.

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