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§ 1602.6 - Procedures for use of public reading room.

(a) A person who wishes to inspect or copy records in the public reading room should arrange a time in advance, by telephone or letter request made to the Office of Legal Affairs, Legal Services Corporation, 3333 K Street NW., Washington, DC 20007 or by email to [email protected].

(1) In appropriate circumstances, LSC will advise persons making telephonic requests to use the public reading room that a written request would aid in the identification and expeditious processing of the records sought.

(2) Written requests should identify the records sought in the manner provided in § 1602.8(b) and should request a specific date for inspecting the records.

(b) LSC will advise the requester as promptly as possible if, for any reason, it is not feasible to make the records sought available on the date requested.

(c) A computer terminal and printer are available upon request in the public reading room for accessing Electronic Reading Room records.