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§ 1609.2 - Definitions.

(a) Fee-generating case means any case or matter which, if undertaken on behalf of an eligible client by an attorney in private practice, reasonably may be expected to result in a fee for legal services from an award to a client.

(b) Fee-generating case does not include a case where:

(1) A court appoints a recipient or an employee of a recipient to provide representation in a case pursuant to a statute or a court rule or practice equally applicable to all attorneys in the jurisdiction;

(2) A recipient undertakes representation under a contract with a government agency or other entity; or

(3) A recipient provides only advice and counsel or limited services, as those terms are defined in 45 CFR 1611.1(a) and (e), to an eligible client.

[62 FR 19399, Apr. 21, 1997, as amended at 82 FR 20446, May 2, 2017]