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§ 31.10-18a - Liquefied gas vessels: additional firefighting equipment inspections.

(a) Once during each 12 month period after the month an original Certificate of Inspection is issued for a liquefied gas vessel under § 31.05-1, the master shall ensure that the firefighting systems required in part 154 of this chapter for a liquefied gas vessel meets the following:

(1) The exterior water spray system must past a water spray test.

(2) The dry chemical system must meet the manufacturer's specifications for -

(i) The amount of dry chemical powder; and

(ii) The pressure for nitrogen bottles.

(3) The piping, valves, and controls of the system must be operable.

(b) On the same date that the requirements under paragraph (a) of this section are met, the master shall record in the vessel's official logbook the following information:

(1) The date of the inspection.

(2) The identification of each device inspected.

(3) The name of the inspector.

[CGD 74-289, 44 FR 26006, May 3, 1979]